AI-Basma AI-Tipiya AI-Dawliya Company

For Importing Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment (LLC)

Pharmaceutical Products

“Pharmaceutical Products” at Al-Basma Pharma reflect our dedication to providing innovative medical solutions of high quality. We offer a diverse range of medications to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and enhance healthcare services in Libya.

Medical Devices

The “Medical Devices” section embodies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge medical technologies to enhance healthcare in Libya. We are actively fostering strategic partnerships aimed at providing innovative solutions to elevate patient care and advance medical practices. This encompasses our current collaborations as well as our aspirations for future partnerships in the near future.

Health Supplies

Explore our diverse range of health supplies that support and enhance healthcare services. We are committed to quality and reliability in everything we offer, ensuring healthcare professionals and institutions have access to the supplies they need for optimal care.

Our Partner

We are dedicated to expanding our network of partnerships to encompass partners from all around the globe. Currently, we proudly have partners spread across countries such as Spain, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland,Turkey and France. We are actively striving to attract new partners from various nations. Our aim remains to provide innovative and high-quality products to meet the growing healthcare needs worldwide.

Our Services include:

Providing integrated logistics solutions to ensure smooth delivery of our products to healthcare institutions.

Registering companies and products with official authorities and governmental entities in Libya.

Offering technical and consultative support to ensure effective utilization of medical equipment and products.

About Us

Al-Basma Pharma is dedicated to excelling in the field of pharmaceutical and medical equipment import and distribution, aiming to enhance healthcare quality in Libya and cater to diverse healthcare sector needs. With pride, we strive to offer innovative and specialized solutions to medical professionals and healthcare institutions across the country.


At Al-Basma Pharma, we are committed to providing innovative medical solutions that enhance the health and well-being of our community. We continually strive for excellence in everything we offer.

General Manager of Al-Basma Company

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality medical products and services that enhance healthcare quality in Libya, contributing to the improved quality of life for patients and the community.

Our Expertise

We are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. With deep industry expertise, we work diligently to meet the aspirations and needs of our healthcare partners.

Our Team

The Al-Basma Pharma team comprises outstanding professionals from various medical and medical industry backgrounds. We are dedicated to providing our team with continuous training and development to ensure the highest levels of competency in service delivery.

Headquartered in Tripoli, Al-Basma Pharma operates as a prominent healthcare provider, extending its services seamlessly across diverse regions within Libya. With a strong sense of pride, we ensure the distribution of our products to a vast network of healthcare institutions and pharmacies throughout the entire nation. Our central location allows us to efficiently cater to the healthcare needs of various communities, reflecting our unwavering commitment to enhancing well-being on a national scale.

For further engagement and a deeper understanding of our mission, feel free to contact us.

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