Our Products

At Al-Basma Al-Tipyia Al-Dawilya, we take pride in importing a wide range of high-quality medications from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We are the exclusive agents for several renowned pharmaceutical companies in the Libyan market, including Basi, Lagap, Polopharma, Bouchara Recordati, Pharmathen, Piramal, and many more esteemed manufacturers.

Our product categories include medications and treatments for cardiology, addressing heart and blood vessel conditions; antihistamines, which treat allergic reactions by blocking histamines; antifungals, aimed at treating fungal infections; antibiotics, essential for combating bacterial infections; urology products, focused on urinary tract and male reproductive organ health; psychiatric and CNS (central nervous system) medications, which cater to mental health and nervous system disorders; and oncology treatments, providing solutions for various types of cancer.

Explore our diverse range of products to find the best solutions for your healthcare needs.

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